Top 7 Best Electric Pickup Trucks in the World

The world has evolved a great deal since Tesla launched its first electric car – the Roadster – back in 2008. Presently, 15 years later, we can talk about almost as many electric cars as ICE-controlled ones, and some of them are way better compared to their gasoline-fueled counterparts. With the abundance of electric cars … Read more

Top 7 fastest electric pickup trucks in the world

Gone are the days when electric car propulsion systems were relegated to easygoing crossover city cars. Because of the monstrous developments in automotive battery and electric motor advances of the past few decades, electric cars, specifically battery electric vehicles (BEVs), filled in popularity because of their current circumstance friendliness, yet in addition because of their … Read more

Top 7 Companies Electrifying Commercial Vehicles

As leaders in their particular areas of the commercial area — or even new, innovative entrants to the market — these 7 companies are sharing their mastery to decarbonize the coordinated factors industry. We give an extensive rundown of companies electrifying commercial vehicles to cater to small, medium, and large-merchandise vehicles that bring completely electric … Read more

Top 7 Most Expensive Electric Cars in the World

Electrification has taken the automotive world by storm, and despite their increased prices, they become more famous by the day. Be it electric, hybrid, or module, electrified vehicles are becoming serious competitors on the market. Their technology improves by the day, the range gets better, and how much power is delivered places them in the … Read more

Top 7 Best Electric Sports Cars in the World

There’s no escaping the walk toward electrification, and on the off chance that any sector serves to feature the permanent shift towards everything battery-powered, it’s the sports vehicle class. Traditionally the preserve of petrol-soaked, adrenaline-siphoning machines, this rarefied corner of the market has seen ever-increasing numbers of contenders that favor lithium-particle over super unleaded. In … Read more

Top 7 Most Popular Electric Cars

The percentage of electric vehicle (EV) sales compared to the rest of the market haven’t stirred things up around the town’s digital mark, yet it continues to develop. In the second quarter of this current year, EVs accounted for 5.6% of all new vehicle sales. During the same period in 2021, that number was 2.7%. … Read more

Top 7 electric mopeds in the world

I think most would agree that electric scooters and mopeds are a quickly developing market and becoming especially significant with the discussion of climate change and what we can do as people to be more eco-friendly. Similar to last year, I can imagine we will see a lot more manufacturers going onto the scene with … Read more

Top 7 Best Electric Motorcycles in the World

Love them or hate them, electric motorcycles are quickly becoming a reality. From everyday commuters to enduro and race bikes, we’ve seen a wide range of electric bikes hit the road over the recent years, and it’s no time like the present we accept that we’ll have to eventually change to one soon as well. … Read more

Top 7 Companies Offering Electric Bicycles

Spring is in the air, and that implies individuals will discard their vehicles and get making the rounds on their bikes. Be that as it may, with the new push for e-versatility arrangements, and finding options in contrast to driving petrol and diesel vehicles, numerous purchasers are shifting focus over to electric bikes to assist … Read more