MACD- 5 Effective Trading Strategies using MACD Technical Indicator

Five Effective Trading Strategies that Make Use of the MACD As a result of its ability to spot opportunities in a variety of financial markets, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Technical Indicator is widely regarded as one of the most important indicators in the field of technical analysis. You probably weren’t aware of this, … Read more

9 Important Things to Consider in Quarterly Results Before Investing in Stocks

9 penny stock factors to watch

It’s that time of year again: reporting time for quarterly results! Yes! Listed Indian firms are required to submit their quarterly results to the stock market on a quarterly basis for the four quarters that conclude in June, September, December, and March. This requirement applies to each of the four quarters. The yearly results of … Read more

How to use Powerful Bullish and Bearish Counterattack Candlestick Patterns-2022

counter attack canlestick pattern

When it comes to technical analysis and candlestick patterns, there are a lot of reversal indicators to choose from. For instance, the counterattack candlestick pattern is a trend reversal indication that many traders use to initiate a positioning trade. This pattern consists of a series of candles that form a “x.” This one-of-a-kind technical indication … Read more

7 Types of Profitability ratios and Why do They Matter?

Profitability ratios are a type of financial ratio that investors use to evaluate a company’s ability to generate income profit in relation to its revenue, operating costs, balance sheet assets, and equity shareholders during a specific period of time. These ratios are calculated by comparing a company’s income profit to the company’s revenue, operating costs, … Read more

How to trade using Powerful Rising and Falling Three Method Candlestick Patterns-2022

stock market pattern

Both Soaring and Descending There are three different kinds of candlestick patterns: The widespread perception is that making investments with a lengthy time horizon is the most effective way to join the stock markets. Although investing for the long term is a common strategy, it is not the only kind of investment approach available. If … Read more