Top 5 Hollywood Stars Who Invested in Tequila Brands

Tequila, the refined alcoholic refreshment produced using the blue agave plant, is a famous beverage that begins in Mexico. Be that as it may, what makes this drink additional special is the considerable rundown of Hollywood celebrities who have exceeded everyone’s expectations to introduce their brands of tequila.

By putting away their cash and entering the market with their brands, numerous Hollywood stars have shown their affection towards this beverage. Anxious to know what their identity is? Peruse on to know probably the greatest Hollywood celebrities who have their tequila brands.

1. Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson

One of the furthest down-the-line celebrities to take a stab at Tequila is The Rock. He launched his brand Mana in the year 2020. The name Mana implies extraordinary, profound essence in people, creatures, and objects, according to Polynesian culture. In 2018, a brand name application for this new Tequila company was submitted, which was tragically rejected for being too like different products bearing the name. Be that as it may, Dwayne didn’t surrender, and later flaunted batches of Tequila he was testing “straight out of our barrels in Mexico.”, naming the brand Teremana. It is a super premium little batch, of highlands tequila crafted in a modest community in Jalisco, Mexico. He holds back nothing case deals this year.

2. Rita Ora

UK Vocalist Rita Ora launched her honor-winning Tequila brand Próspero in 2019, after uniting with spirits advertising firm Conecuh Brands. Rita is an investor and creative director in the brand, which is produced at the Wear Roberto Refinery in Jalisco by Stella Anguiano. The pop star desires to push the limits in this industry with her brand.

3. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas, the immensely well-known US Artist musician, and menswear originator John Varvatos collaborated with the Stoli Group to launch Villa One into the market in 2019. It competes with the super-premium Tequila circle close by any semblance of Patrón and Casamigos. Made accessible across the country from 2020 available to be purchased, Jonas’ Villa One tequila, in contrast to other people, sources 100 percent blue Weber agave from both the Highland and Lowland locales of Jalisco, Mexico.

4. Toby Keith

In 2011, this famous American country vocalist forayed into the tequila craze by choosing a mezcal named – Wild Shot Mezcal. Each container supposedly comes complete with a little worm, which Keith demands should be ingested. Prior, Keith had expounded on Mexico in his melodies, and was quick to carry mezcal to a more extensive audience, and hence launched his brand.

5. P Diddy

The US rapper, otherwise called Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy, and Sean Combs purchased half of the premium Tequila brand DeLeón in the year 2014. The other half stays with Diageo. Before DeLeón came up, Combs was previously the face of Diageo’s Cîroc vodka and aided increase its deals to 40 crease. And with Combs effectively topping Forbes’ rundown of the most generously compensated musicians, it’s sensible to accept that DeLeón is doing very well. Combs’ Sean John clothing line as well as a musical career would have loaned some assistance too.

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