Top 5 mega-celebrities who invest smartly in technology

Am I not right about the rich and famous lifestyles? Frankly, we want to have a negligible portion of what a portion of these big names procure so we could live in a penthouse condo with a driver. You’d be off-base assuming you felt that big names make all of their cash in Hollywood. Famous people, similar to any other person, are finance managers. They perceive the significance of a thoroughly examined business procedure, associations, and enhancement. The rich and famous don’t depend solely on extravagant agreements; they give their best to differentiate their kinds of revenue.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, the previous breakout star of the clique satire Man, Where’s My Vehicle? has a long and distinguished life. “Entertainer” is only one of the many titles the 43-year-old has held in his expert life. Kutcher is likewise a maker, giver, and business person, with an assortment of undertakings in every one of these areas, he is an intense financial backer.

With two different financial backers, entertainment chief Person Oseary and financial backer Ron Burkle, Ashton runs his endeavor store, A-Grade Investments, and has driven a few rounds of subsidizing in the beginning phase of new businesses he is perhaps of the most dynamic celebrity financial backers.

Kutcher’s monetary smart landed him a spot on Shark Tank as a visitor. Kutcher made one speculation while on the show, putting $200,000 into an organization called Beebo.

Investments as indicated by Insidehook: Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Spotify, and then some.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian entertainer, artist, and filmmaker who won the Miss World Expo in the year 2000. She is quite possibly India’s most notable and most generously compensated celebrity. She has procured various honors, including a Public Film Grant and five Filmfare Grants. She is the Hollywood artist Scratch Jonas’ better half.

Priyanka Chopra has done everything: displaying, singing, acting, and making films. The entertainer is presently chasing after another profession as an endeavor financial backer. In 2018 declared that she is presently a financial backer in the coding training business Holberton School as well as the dating and virtual entertainment application Blunder.

Investments as indicated by Crunchbase: InnerChef, Blunder, and Holberton School

Jared Leto

Mr. Leto is most popular for his work as an Oscar-winning entertainer, however, he has likewise set up a good foundation for himself as a financial backer in organizations. This is what you do when you get a huge load of cash you don’t need to flex to be recognized but rather turned into a quiet financial backer like Jared Leto. A musician and Oscar champ who is likewise one of Silicon Valley’s quiet financial backers, has made north of 50 investments to date as per a meeting by CNBC.

Investments as indicated by Crunchbase: Nest, Uber, Slack, Wish, and some more.


On the off chance that you ask any hip-bounce fan who is on their Top rappers rundown ever, you’ll be unable to find somebody who does exclude Nasir Jones, otherwise called Nas.

In addition to one more rapper from New York City laid down a good foundation for himself as a rapper and has sold a great many records in his transporter. He is likewise known for his eminent investments in the tech startup biological system. As per INC Nas has put resources into north of twelve new companies.

Investments as per Crunchbase: Coinbase, PlutoTv, Ring, and some more.


You’ll hear Drake’s new No. 1 hit if you turn on the radio in Toronto or open up a playlist. Assuming you take the metro, you’ll see that many individuals are wearing hoodies with his famous brilliant owl logo. At the point when you visit downtown, you’ll find a long queue of individuals holding up external his dress line’s leader area for another selective Clearly Pre-Coronavirus. You can’t disregard him, regardless of how diligently you attempt.

Additionally, our Toronto Kid Drake is presently a functioning financial backer in the tech business. The super famous rapper has quite recently put resources into Esport wagering startup Player’s Parlor.

Investments as per Crunchbase: NTWRK, Player’s Lounge, 100 Thieves, and then some.

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