Top 7 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in USA

There are great criminal defense lawyers throughout the United States of America. The real challenge is to determine where they are. While referrals can help you reach one, they are just as good as knowing who is referring. In other words, referrals are sometimes not good enough. Therefore, American magazine Topteny decided to give you a helping hand by highlighting the best criminal defense lawyers in the USA that can help you anytime.

1 Richard Jensen

Richard Jensen has dedicated the bulk of his law practice to taking on criminal cases in the US. He is known for his handling of appeals, trials, and post-conviction issues in and around the state of Alabama. His clients cannot stop talking about the way he thinks, strategizes, and his commitment to seeing justice at all times. He is ranked among the best defense lawyers in America.

2 Jay Tiftickjian

Jay Tiftickjian seems to have focused the greater part of his practice on cases that revolves around DUI charges. Clients always rave about his passion for the job, his attention to little details, and his awareness of the law. A lot of clients who have gained from his dismissals, non-guilty verdicts, and other favors have gone on to acknowledge his brilliance and exceptional expertise inside the courtroom.

3 Patrick J. Collins

If you need a reputable criminal lawyer in Delaware, you could just be looking for Patrick J. Collins. He has represented various clients. He is excellent at criminal cases that have to do with expungements, pardon applications, and appeals. Clients have always commended his great skills in the courtroom and how he takes his time to get his clients prepared before any court case.

4 Keith B. Johnson

The federal courts and state courts in South Carolina and Georgia seem to have a good knowledge of Keith B. Johnson. He has represented a seriously considerable number of clients on criminal charges of varying capacities. Past clients have described him as being intelligent, compassionate, articulate, honorable, and trustworthy.

5 Timothy Bilecki

Timothy Bilecki has decided to practice as a criminal defense lawyer who works with military member cases around the Pacific Rim. The great success achieved by this attorney was due to his persistence and thoroughness. His tenacity to hold up has helped him win countless cases.

6 Steve Greenberg

Illinois’ Greenberg came into the spotlight while defending Drew Peterson who was convicted of the murder of his third spouse and therefore the suspected disappearance of his fourth. He also famously filed an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court to ask them to weigh in on whether a trial court erred during the Peterson case in allowing prosecutors to enter into evidence without proper notification to the defense. Greenberg has also represented other high-profile stars like R. Kelly.

7 Joseph Cheshire

Cheshire is an attorney in North Carolina and made national news when he led the defense for the case of the wrongfully accused Duke lacrosse players. He also helped with the passage of legislation to assist indigent defendants. Cheshire also represented David Evans, the captain of the Duke Lacrosse team. He was selected to Super Lawyers between 2006 to 2020, a peer designation that’s awarded to merely a pick not many accomplished attorneys in each state. The award is predicated on career achievements and successes.

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