Top 7 Most Expensive Electric Cars in the World

Electrification has taken the automotive world by storm, and despite their increased prices, they become more famous by the day. Be it electric, hybrid, or module, electrified vehicles are becoming serious competitors on the market. Their technology improves by the day, the range gets better, and how much power is delivered places them in the same line as the ICE-powered vehicles. There are, however, electric vehicles out there that are affordable and can be purchased even by those on a limited budget, yet there are likewise electric vehicles that have a huge price. For the right money, vehicles like the Specter or the Celestiq are the definition of luxury, however, when you will pay millions, you can likewise get vehicles with astounding performance figures. Here’s a rundown of the 7 most expensive electric vehicles in this present reality.

1. Aspark Owl – $3.5 million

Limited to only 50 examples, the Aspark Owl is the principal full-electric hypercar coming from Japan. It was first unveiled during the 2019 Dubai International Engine Show, and it instantly became a sensation. It is powered by four electric engines, two placed on the front axle and two on the rear, for a combined 1,984 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque. The Owl can run from 0 to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds – making it one of the fastest-accelerating electric vehicles on the planet – and from 0 to 186 mph in 10.6 seconds, while maximum velocity goes up to 249 mph. The electric supercar has a range of 280 miles and needs only 80 minutes to be fully recharged. Its exterior design is rather unique, and on account of its 264.5 pounds carbon monocoque structure, the Owl is additionally very light at only 4,189 pounds. The Aspark Owl is priced at $3.5 million.

2. Lotus Evija – $2.3 million

Lotus built the Evija light for one purpose: to be the world’s most powerful electric vehicle! The Evija is powered by four electric engines that deliver a sum of 1,971 horsepower and 1,254 pound-feet of torque. These numbers may be surpassed by the Aspark Owl, yet Lotus is likewise offering a limited edition Evija Fittipaldi that delivers a combined 2,010 horsepower that does make the Evija the most powerful EV on the planet. The Evija runs from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds and can hit a maximum velocity of 218 mph. Lotus additionally plans to take the Evija to the Nurburgring where it will go after Nio EP9’s time of 06:45:90. The electric supercar has a lot of cool features like a carbon fiber monocoque skeleton, active aerodynamics, and a lodge that pays tribute to the past. The Evija is limited to only 130 units, and every one of them was already sold out. Each customer needed to pay somewhere around $2.3 million for their vehicle.

3. Pininfarina Battista – $2.25 million

With 1,900 horsepower and 1,726 pound-feet of torque coming from its four liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous electric engines, there is no question that the Pininfarina Battista was built to break records. Furthermore, it does: it can run from 0 to 60 mph in 1.79 seconds, and as of late it set the record for the fastest quarter-mile with a time of 8.55 seconds. During the same event, it likewise hit a maximum velocity of 225.5 mph. Furthermore, despite these impressive performance figures, the Battista has a range of very nearly 300 miles. It likewise benefits from quick charging features, that permit it to recharge back to 80 percent in only 25 minutes. Very much like the Nevera, the Battista is limited to only 150 copies, each with a beginning price of $2.25 million.

4. Rimac Nevera – $2.1 million

With a maximum velocity of 258 mph, the Rimac Nevera is currently the fastest electric vehicle on the planet. It is additionally limited to only 150 units, each built by hand, and its $2.1 million price tag is more confirmation of its exclusivity. The Nevera creation is limited to only 50 examples per year, and the main year of creation is already sold out, thus, on the off chance that you have the money and need one you should stand by a little piece longer to get it. The Nevera is powered by four electric engines that deliver a combined 1,914 horsepower and 1,741 pound-feet of torque. This measure of power not just places the Nevera on the top most powerful EVs on the planet, yet additionally helps it deliver astounding performance figures: it can run from 0 to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds – 0.45 seconds faster than a Chiron – and runs the quarter mile in 8.58 seconds, numbers that are better than any ICE-powered vehicle out there.

5. Deus Vayanne – $2 million

The astonishing Deus Vayanne was unveiled at the 2022 New York Car Exhibition where it shocked the world with its impressive result figure, its exterior design, and the cutting-edge lodge wrapped in all-regular leather. The Cayenne is powered by a single front 550-kW engine and two 550-kW rear electric engines that deliver a combined 2,243 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque. It runs from 0 to 60 mph in only 1.99 seconds and can hit a maximum velocity of 248 mph. Despite these impressive performance figures, it can in any case provide a range of 310 miles – quite astounding for a supercar like this! The Vayanne is limited to only 99 units, and it isn’t cheap by any means with a price tag of $2 million.

6. Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne – $2 million

The Hispano Suiza Carmen is an electric vehicle like nothing you have seen before. The “Boulogne” is the top trim of the Carmen, and it has a few distinctive features that make it even more unique. It is lighter by around 132 pounds, delivers more power, has different styling and accents, and it is of course a little piece more expensive. Featuring a design inspired by the Hispano-Suiza models of the 1930s, the Carmen Boulogne is limited to five copies, each priced at over $2 million. It delivers a sum of 1,100 horsepower, and its battery was inspired by the Recipe E world. Its range goes up to 248 miles, while the run from 0 to 60 mph is done in under 3 seconds. Each Boulogne is unique, as Hispano Suiza offers over 1,900 different personalization blends for customers.

7. Drako GTE – $1.3 million

The Drako GTE is a one-of-a-sort, American-built electric vehicle that impresses with its sleek profile, precision control, impressive power, and best-in-class range. The GTE is priced at $1.3 million, however, you truly do get a ton for the money. The electric sedan is powered by four individual magnet hybrid synchronous engines that deliver a combined 1,200 horsepower – making the GTE one of the most powerful four-seaters ever made. Maximum velocity goes up to an impressive 206 mph, while the 90-kWh, 450-volt battery provides a range of 500 miles. The lodge offers enough space for all passengers and offers the best quality materials you can request. The GTE is offered in both street and track editions, which makes it even more special.

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